rattleCAD Base- & Plugin Installation

What is it for?

I think, you know why you wants to install rattleCAD, but let me explain the plugin concept.
The core features of rattleCAD are implemented in rattleCAD. Plugins are a way to implement additional features outside the core of rattleCAD. Currently there are two features implemented as plugins. This page shows how to install these plugins.
This tutorial shows the installation of rattleCAD based on version The installation for higher version numbers will work in the same way.

Content of this page

This page guides you through the installation of rattleCAD and shows you how to add the plugins "rattleCAD 3D" and "Fork Replacement".

Step by Step Tutorial

Base Installation

Prepare a Installation Directory

At first prepare a directory to place the rattleCAD installation.
This can be your program- or your home- directory.

Download rattleCAD

Download the executable from the rattleCAD - download repository on sourceforge.net:

  • rattleCAD_3.4.05.34-win32-x86_64.exe (Windows 64-bit)
  • rattleCAD_3.4.05.34-linux-glibc2.3-x86_64 (Linux 64-bit)
  • rattleCAD_3.4.05.34.kit (neutral Tcl-kit - File, e.g. for MacOS)

Place rattleCAD in the prepared Folder

... and place it in the prepared directory. This will look like this:

... and of course, you do not need a Linux-File on your Windows System and vice versa.

This should be enough to run rattleCAD.

Note: rattleCAD for MacOS

if you are familiar with your MacOS and especially with the command-line on your Mac, you can use the file:

Note: To get a specific installation-package for MacOS, please get a installation package do not hestitate to contact me via email or get the MacOS install package from gumroad.com.

Plugin Installation

Download the plugin.zip

... but for using the additional features from the plugin you have to install it from the rattleCAD - download repository on sourceforge.net. To get the belonging rattleCAD_3.4.05.xx_plugin.zip file for your version of rattleCAD download the .zip-file with a version number less or equal to the version number of your rattleCAD installation.

If, like in this example, the version of rattleCAD is,
then the plugin belonging to the your version will be
no plugin version higher then or less or equal exists

Place the .zip-File

After downloading the .zip-file, this can look like this:

Extract the .zip-File in the prepard Folder

After extracting the .zip-file, this should look like this:

Test your Installation

After installing the plugin two specific icons appear in the rattleCAD GUI:
This should look like this:

to be continued ...