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rattleCAD is free and a openSource software project. rattleCAD supports bespoked bicycle frame builders with a fully parametric bicycle model inside. rattleCAD guides you through the design process by configure the base geometry before refining the bicycle frame itself. Based on this refinement rattleCAD creates workshop drawings including the main miters of round tubes and settings for different frame jigs. rattleCAD also provides a set of components to build a bicycle mockup and supports different export formats to print and reuse all drawings generated inside rattleCAD.
rattleCAD uses XML file format to store project information and SVG file format to represent single components to mockup your bicycle. This components library can be extended to your own needs.

rattleCAD is free

... rattleCAD ist free. Feel free to donate to the project in case of saving time in design and build your new bike or do some investigations in bicycle geometry.



... feel free to download latest Release of rattleCAD from sourceforge.net

Animation / Screenshot

animated static fullsize Rendering of a SVG out of rattleCAD, done in any VectorGraphic Editor that reads SVG

rattleCAD Start-Window! rattleCAD Config-Panel!

rattleCAD ScreenShots:

rattleCAD Features

Parametric Design

All the graphics are configurable by parameters to configure your Bicycle Frame.

  • Basic Parameters
  • Frame/Tube Details
  • Rear Mockup (ChainStay)
  • Rim Table
  • direct editable Dimensions
  • outside/in and inside/out modes to define frame geometry

Tube Miter

rattleCAD supports your work in the workshop. Print out the tube miters and cut the tube ends per hand.

Drawing Export Formats

rattleCAD supports different formats to exchange your graphics with other tools (CAD, Desktop Publishing, ...).

  • .pdf .... Portable Document Format
  • .html ... Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5)
  • .svg .... Standard Vector Graphic
  • .dxf .... Drawing Interchange File
  • .ps ..... Postscript


rattleCAD provides a Components Library build up from SVG-Files to mockup your Bike. Extend your Library with own Components.

  • Derailleur
  • Crankset
  • Handlebar
  • Saddle
  • Brake
  • Fork
  • BottleCage
  • Dropout


rattleCAD provides Analysis of RearWheel, Crankset and Chainstay.

  • custom Chainwheels
  • custom Crankset arm length
  • straight/bent Chainstay

FrameJig Support

rattleCAD supports different types of FrameJigs.

User Interface

rattleCAD provides an improved GUI for comfortable usage.

  • Config Panel with all Parameters at a glance.
  • Mouse Support
  • Keyboard Support
  • direct editable Dimensions
  • Scale, Move and Scroll


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